2016 Slingshot Rant 8'6"

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  • Overview
  • All around / wave sup surf board - 8'6" x 29.5"

Product details

The 2016 Rant is a full-on surf SUP capable of handling waves of all sizes and shapes. Available in 8’6” and 9’ sizes, this board is aggressively-shaped to provide unmatched stability when paddling into the lineup, speed when driving down the line and ultimate maneuverability when turning edge-to-edge and carving faces of head-high waves.

The Rant’s swallowtail design gives the board a snappy feel and helps maintain speed in mushy or small conditions, while a kicked-up nose allows for steep, late drops without pearling and an easier paddle-out through white water. The bottom-shape progresses from flat underfoot to a V-Spine toward the back, resulting in a board that tracks well in calm water and carves with ease in the surf. A five-fin setup gives riders the ability to configure their board in several ways – single fin, twin fin, thruster, quad fin or five fin.

Based on Slingshot’s Future Response Technology construction, the Rant is built with a proprietary Wood Veneer Sandwich Construction, which controls durability and flex and creates a light and impact resistant end result. The board comes equipped with a full cockpit-length EVA pad for traction, a vent plug to manually equalize internal pressure due to heat and atmospheric pressure changes and three FCS fins (a 4.5” center fin and two 5.25” asymmetrical side fins).