2017 Radar Pro Build Vapor Day Glow 66

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The Radar's most reactive and technical core foam on the market…….
Introducing the all new 2017 Radar Vapor ProBuild Construction with PMI core!

Our newest Vapor and its construction challenged us to take all we know about ski building and push it to the next level! PMI Foam IS the next generation of lightweight reactive core foam available for the first time in this years 2017 Radar Vapor Pro Build.
PMI Foam is one of the most sought after materials used by the aerospace industry because of the properties that allow it to be shaped and thermoformed like any other foam on the market. In our testing, we found that PMI is more rigid than basic PVC foam (simplifying the layup process of new skis) and much more reactive (allowing skis to have unmatched rebound characteristics and acceleration). Another major benefit our skiers and R& D teamed learned about PMI was that offers so much more feel and forgiveness on the water, which is something PVC as a core material simply didn’t provide the skier. Another real benefit of PMI is unmatched durability! In our tests, PMI displayed minimal structural fatigue after extended use by our team and longevity cycle testing as compared to PVC. For you the ski this ensures you get a ski that not only performs better but will last longer, ski stronger, and allow you to take your skiing to new levels. The bottom line is that the new 2017 Radar Vapor Pro Build sets the new standard by which all tournament waterskis will be measured and that competitive skiers have demanded.

Recommended rider weight: 125-180 lbs

Speed: 36 MPH Max