2019 Starboard Foil FreeRide Aluminum

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  • Overview
  • The freeride model. This set uses a short aluminium mast for a lower, easier flight and our largest, thickest wings for more stability, smoother acceleration and the most controllable flight.

Product details

This is the perfect setup for those looking for the easiest transition from fin-windsurfing to foil-windsurfing. This is a very user friendly foil that works with lots of different boards

A shorter mast provides a lower, safer flight. The large thick wings give stability and low speed lift. Despite such low speed lift, it is also surprisingly fast, reaching speeds up to 29 knots


Mast Length: 75cm

Fuselage Length: 75cm

Front Wing (Carbon) Area: 1100cm2

Tail Wing Area (Carbon): 500cm2