2020 Naish Jet 1650 Complete Foil - Abracadabra

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  • 2020 Naish Jet 1650 Complete Foil - Abracadabra

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FOR: Surf, SUP, Wake, Kite


Continuing to progress at the forefront of foiling, the 2020 Jet 1650 foil sets feature a multitude of new developments. The results set a new performance standard for surf and SUP foiling while offering versatility and performance for kite, wake and windsurf foiling. To achieve this, several design advancements have been implemented:

  • All 2020 Jet front wings are new designs and set the standard for their combination of lift, turning ability and speed. The Jet 1650 front wing is comparable to our 2019 surf L front wing. The new design delivers the same amount of lift, but offers better pumping ability, better speed potential as well as better, more intuitive turning.
  • The set comes with our Stabilizer 450 which complements the new front wing by adding a dramatic amount of "fore and aft" stability. Its foil, outline and wing tip angles combine that stability with better more stable turning.
  • The Jet 1650 setup also works great as a wake foil option for heavier riders and smaller wake sizes. It can also double as a very light wind option for freeride kite and windsurf foiling - especially in combination with our Hover Crossover boards. For the wind related crossover applications we recommend to buy longer accessory masts for best performance.
  • Wing weights have decreased throughout the range along with a new wet sanded finish on all wings to optimize the surfaces for top speed.
  • The redesigned fuselage introduces a new fixed back wing connection which increases the strength and stiffness of the wing-fuselage system.
  • The front wing connection is modular with our previous year models and with an accessory adapter, 2020 stabilizers can be fit for older generation fuselages (2018 and 2019).
  • For 2020, Jet foil sets mast lengths have increased from 55 cm to 65 cm for improved pumping and turning performance.
  • All 2020 aluminium masts feature a new finish which combines the accuracy of the sandblasted finish with wet sanded surface optimization for ultimate stability and speed.
  • The Abracadabra system comes with all complete Jet foil setups. The system has been optimized by increasing the thread length of the set screw for a stronger connection and tighter fit. A brand new tooless set screw has also been designed that allows users to mount our foils to the board without a tool.
  • New Titanium assembly hardware sets all but eliminate any potential corrosion issues. All hardware has also changed from Phillips head to Torx, allowing better leverage without the need to apply as much downward pressure as required by the Phillips head. A Naish Torx T30 driver is also included with every complete foil set.
  • Included with each foil set are covers for the front wing and stabilizer as well as a carry case that protects your foil gear when dismantled for storage or travel while also reducing waste from packaging.


• Abracadabra Plate
• 65cm Mast
• Surf Fuselage
• Jet 1650cm2 Front Wing (4.8 Aspect Ratio)
• Stabilizer 450cm2 Backwing
• Titanium Assembly Screw Set (3 x 30 mm M6 Titanium Torx screws - 3 x 30 mm M6 Stainless Steel Torx screws - 5 x 20 mm M6 Titanium Torx screws)
• 4 x 30 mm M6 Stainless steel Torx screws and 4 x stainless steel T-nuts
• Foil Wing Covers and Carry Case