2021 Ride Mountain Pig

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  • Overview
  • The Mountain Pig is the most aggressive of the Pig series boards.

Product details

The MTNPIG is designed for long arch high speed turns. Ride the MTNPIG in your standard board length, unlike the rest of the pig series we don't suggest sizing down on this model. The mountain pig doesn't have the quick turn initiation of the other pigs as it is designed to excel at high speed in wide open terrain. She will turn, but she's plenty happy straight-lining the entire mountain. The half-moon tail shape helps the tail sink in deep snow while providing a long effective edge increasing overall edge hold for sketchy situations. Tapered Linear Quadratic Side-cut allows for smooth turn initiation and powerful support through the turn without losing grip. Carbon Slimewalls® enhance response and stability. Carbon Infused Glass provides extra pop. The MTNPIG is running wild and fast through the mountains growing fat on powder and should only be approached by an advanced rider that isn't afraid to point it. This board is also a favorite for Ride's team riders looking for a big backcountry jump board because it's stiff, fast and stable.

(CM) (LBS / KG)
155 125-175 / 57-80
159 130-180 / 59-82
162 140-190 / 64-86
160W 160-220+ / 73-100+
164W 170-220+ / 77-100+