2021 Starboard Foil X Starlite Carbon

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  • Take off before a Formula board even gets planing? Check. Fits into the back of a car? Check. Fly through foil jibes and 360s? Check. A new chapter in windfoiling evolves.You simply need to try this board to believe it. Maximum fly time, minimum boardsiz

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The new Foil X 125 size slots in between the 105 and 145, becoming our R&D team’s instant favourite. All three sizes have new cutaways running down the rails to reduce tail volume to allow the rider to sink the tail and pop up onto the foil. An adjusted nose rockerline make the boards more forgiving when touching down mid-jibe by helping you bounce straight back up. The new mini carrry-handle on the bottom makes it easier to carry board and sail together. New centred footstrap positions unlock freestyle and jumping abilities.

What are the recommended foils for the FOIL X?

The Foil X are compact foil boards designed to foil with smaller, lighter sails. On the foil side, riders can choose between lifty, maneuverable foils like the Starboard Foil SuperCruiser or the faster, high performance foils like the GT-R Plus. The SuperCruiser offers early take-off, awesome maneuverability and floating foil jibes. The GT-R offers higher top speeds and faster acceleration.


Model FOIL X 125 FOIL X 145
Constructions Starlite Carbon Starlite Carbon
Volume 125 L 145 L
Length 190 cm 193 cm
Width 67 cm 71 cm
Tail Width 60.4 cm 65.5 cm
Thickness 13.1 cm 14.3 cm
Footstrap Rows 2 2
Fins Not included Not included
Fin Boxes Foil Box Foil Box
Recommend foil Super Cruiser Super Cruiser
Sail Range 3.0 - 7.8 m2 3.0 - 7.8 m2
Weight - Starlite Carbon 9.2 kg 9.7 kg