2021 Naish S25 Alana Inflatable 11'6 X32"

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  • Overview
  • The Alana 11'6" is based on Naish's Glide inflatable model. With enhanced performance, extra capabilities and faster paddling than entry level SUP boards, these boards remain very stable and easy to use.

Product details

Its 32-inch width provides superior stability, while the shape offers maximum speed with minimal effort. The shorter length, when compared to Glide models, makes it easier for lighter riders to maneuver. Hydroslick edges reduce wasted energy by creating a clean water release in the tail.

Additional handles in the front make it fast and easy to get in and out of the water-even on slippery banks. The US fin box gives the option to attach more performance fins, so riders can get the level of performance they want.

Ideal for riders up to 190 lbs/85 kg