Straight Line Tr9 Hdl W/ Static Line Red

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The Straight Line TR9 Wakeboard Handle + Rope Combo is great for any up and coming wakeboard athlete that is just getting started in the sport.

Not every wakeboarder needs a $100 super high-end wakeboard handle and rope. The Straight Line TR-9 Handle Combo is designed for beginner wakeboarders not looking to break the bank for a rope and handle. The 15" TR-9 Handle doesn't bend or flex and has built-in floats so that it sits on top of the water for easy visibility. The included static mainline is made with a polyethylene fiber for a forgiving feel without tons of stretch. The line is 65 ft. in total length including the handle and has five sections so that you can adjust it to your desired length.


  • -Dip Molded End Caps
  • -Polyethylene Leader
  • -PVC Dyneema Tubing
  • -Machined EVA Grip
  • -Aluminum Bar T6-6061
  • -Pencil Floats
  • -65' Static Combo Line
  • -5 Sections: 45' - 5' - 5' - 5' - 5'