2020 Naish Hover 5' w/ Thrust Foil Package

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  • 2020 Naish Hover 5' Board with 2019 Naish Thrust Large Surf Foil Package

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Boardsports Comments:

We love this foil package. The beautiful high end surf construction 2020 Naish 5' Hover WakeFoil Board is the one board to do everything. Wakesurf foil, regular wakesurf, kitesurf foil, kitesurf. It comes complete with fins, and unlike most wakesurf foil boards, has footstrap inserts (footstraps sold separately) which make it easier to get up or waterstart and allow for jumping.

The 2019 Naish Thrust Foil with Large Wing (1236cm2)  is larger than the popular Slingshot FWAKE foil wing (1101cm2). We find this size wing is excellent: for all beginners; lightweight foilers; and foilers that want to ride with more speed but not drop the rope. The foil comes stock with a 55cm mast which makes learning less intimidating, and is still long enough to comfortably surf the wake and pump the board. The Naish Abracadabra Plate allows the foil to be disconnected from the board with the turn of one bolt - ideal for storing and transporting the foil. Naish has made their foil parts from 2018-2021 compatible, which means as you progress, it is easy to add different size wings and/or masts.

Whether you are wake foiling, wake surfing, foil surfing, foil kiting or kitesurfing, if there’s a wave the 2020 Hover Wake 5’0” with the 2019 Naish Thrust Large (1236cm2) Foil is your ticket to fly.

From the Manufacturer:

2020 Naish Hover 5' Board

Designed initially with wake surfing and foiling in mind, the Hover Wakesurf has the ideal outline, volume and rocker for performance wake surfing. Adding another dimension to the behind-the-boat experience attaching any of the Naish Jet foil sets to the two 10” US-Box track system allows users to rise above the waters surface and wake foil and opens the possibility of riding the second and third wakes. Wake foiling also eliminates the need for glassy waters, making choppy afternoons butter smooth.

Built with a strong, yet light, double bamboo sandwich with multiple footstrap inserts and provided thruster fin set, the Hover Wakesurf also opens the door to riding possibilities beyond the boat. Experienced foil surfers will appreciate its nimble handling. Kiteboarders have also latched on to the Hover Wakesurf as a do it all board for strapped/strapless kitesurfing and foil kiting.

At first sight it’s clear the Hover Wakesurf has the potential for massive amounts of fun on the water no matter what the situation.


Thruster Fin Setup = Snappy + control + release off the top
 for use without the foil
  • Fast rocker line = Speed while surfing the wake
  • Kick in the tail = Tight turns
  • Compact balanced outline = The ability to carve a nice turn in the pocket, ideal for small waves and boat wakes.
  • Perfect buoyancy = Easy starts
CNC Shape = Absolute precision shaping
  • Lightweight Durafinish
  • Two 10” US boxes = Easy adjustable foil set up
  • Footstrap inserts = More options for foiling and kiting


Length Width Thickness Volume
5'0"/152.4 cm 18 3/4"/47.6 cm 2 3/16"/5.6 cm 21.8 L

2019 Naish Thrust Large Surf Foil


  • Size: Large
  • Mast Length: 55 cm
  • Aspect Ratio: 3.54
  • Wingspan: 26.1"/66.2 cm
  • Projected Surface Area (Front Wing): 1,236 cm2

Delta shaped front wings coupled with down-turned wingtips deliver the perfect balance between early lift, efficient glide and outstanding turning ability. A slightly flat section along the bottom of the wing adds stability in straight flight while down-turned wingtips heighten control in turns for easy carving and redirection without losing lift. The back wing helps to stabilize the front wing while providing extra power when pumping through flat sections. Adding to the high lift, efficient design, this wing model offers a larger window before stalling, making them easier to ride and control when compared to other wings on the market.