Takuma Wing Ride III

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  • With canopy under tension this wing delivers stable, trusty power, ideal for progression. Lightweight, well built and awesome handles too. Easy wing for to recommend.

Product details

The Takuma Wing Wing Ride III will take you from your first wing riding moments to wave riding, down winding, jumping, speeding and more, thanks to its amazing stability and forward drive.

We focused on stability and ease of use, paired with stiffness, to allow comfortable and efficient riding. The arc has been specifically designed for improved efficiency. Flat enough to maximize power, and flaring out enough to let the air flow through the whole wing and let you accelerate, it makes you go upwind easily and enhances the forward drive from the start.

The canopy is naturally under tension for a perfect profile definition at all times. This creates a very direct response to input, with no flutter when sheeting out and an unmatched stability when neutrally flown, like when riding a wave for example. 

With its quick acceleration and performance at speed, the Wind Ride III is ideal for foiling, but can also be used for SUP or skateboards in winds up to 12 knots.

Our unique long, stiff, reinforced handles are designed to maximize your control of the wing while letting you easily move your hands back and forth without having to let go of a handle to grasp the next one over.

Includes wing, backpack, and repair kit. Pump not included.